Second Brazilian Symposium on Water Waves

Dates of conference: 13-15 March 2017
Name of conference venue: Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Conference City and Country: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Ocean waves are one of the most complex physical phenomena, but their practical significance in maritime industry and other marine applications is also hard to overestimate. As a result, the fundamental research and practical applications related to waves have developed to a great extent separately. Fundamental science has been studying in detail elements of these very complicated and coupled oceanic phenomena, whereas the models for wave forecast and hindcast have been designed with defiant disregard of theoretical and experimental knowledge.

In Brazil, the very diverse and active ocean-wave community includes both research and practical application stakeholders. These cover universities and other research organisations, offshore industry, Navy, among others.

Our purpose is to provide a forum for exchanging ideas, presenting novel achievements and facilitating the collaborations. The focus of the Second Brazilian wave symposium spans all the disciplines related to the water waves, from fundamental fluid mechanics, through ocean engineering aspects, all the way to the changing wave climate. These include analytical research, numerical modelling, laboratory experiments, field and remote-sensing observations of ocean waves.

We aim to increase discussion and collaboration within this research field. Abstracts from all over the world with a focus in ocean wave research are invited. This meeting will be conducted in plenary, with time reserved for discussion to identify key research questions within the Brazilian and international community.