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ATMOSMARINE is a consulting company specialized in the areas of Meteorology and Oceanography, which develops technical and scientific products to support decision making in various sectors of the economy, where atmospheric and oceanic conditions directly influence, such as agriculture, wind energy, offshore exploration among others.


We are focused on offering advanced and fast solutions for time monitoring and environmental characterization. Our team is specialized in different areas of meteorology and oceanography, from data acquisition, to data modeling and analysis and artificial intelligence / neural networks, which can be particularly useful for our customers in making specific operational decisions.

ATMOSMARINE is an innovative company that started operating independently in 2016, after a group of experienced scientists got together to start their own business. Legally founded in 2017, ATMOSMARINE has been growing its activities carrying out consulting projects for energy and engineering companies, state departments, Petrobras, the Brazilian Navy, among other sectors of the economy that demand environmental information and analysis. 


ATMOSMARINE offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help you solve the most complex environmental, meteorological and oceanographic issues.


ATMOSMARINE provides integrated services and solutions in the meteorology and oceanographic areas, for large regions or specific locations, offering state-of-the-art numerical modeling assimilated with in-situ and satellite data, improved by our proprietary ensembles and neural networks, resulting in more accurate forecast and nowcast reports, and georeferenced maps for data visualization.


Professional services in Meteorology and Oceanography with higher quality and lower cost.


High-level technical team, with advanced scientific graduation made up of collaborators with at least a master's degree.


Use the latest tools, more modern computational models and a more contemporary and intuitive graphic interface.


Accurately predict, monitor and protect customer resources, so that they perform more profitable operations and with less risk.


Scientists committed to providing the best and the latest data and results from meteo-oceanographic models on the market.

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