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Cargo Ship at Sea


Maritime activities are always risky, but there are many things that can be done to reduce these risks. Weather is one of the main factors that cause maritime work and recreation to be dangerous, but accurately forecasting the weather can help manage risks and prevent accidents that lead to shipping and cargo losses, injuries, and even fatalities.

Weather affects just about every aspect of the maritime industry, from navigation strategies to fleet management, operations, routing, fuel optimization and asset safety.

Marine weather forecasts can reduce costs, improve performance and streamline decision making by:  reducing fuel usage, decreasing downtime, avoiding dangerous areas, lowering risks of injury and damage, analyzing accidents and improving safety during any maritime operation.

Our solutions include:

  • Route optimization

  • Weather forecast and real-time bulletins every 6 hours

  • Installation and maintenance of metocean sensors aboard

  • Most accurate weather forecasting taking in account regional shallow water features, not only global deep-ocean data

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