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Atmosmarine is an engineering and technology company focused on marine safety, forecasting, monitoring, operational support and metocean analysis.

“The difficulty of weather prediction has driven governments and industries to employ data-driven approaches by deploying more sensors and feeding real-time data both in-situ and remotely.”

From coastal, shelf or deep water areas, we provide site-specific and regional integrated services and solutions, including a state-of-the-art web based georeferenced map for data visualization with several different satellite, model and observational data.

Environmental data
Metocean Forecast
Operational Oceanography

Services and Solutions

Metocean and Weather Forecast

We use the latest models available to provide an accurate representation of the local meteo-oceanographic conditions.

AtmosMarine provides:

  • Atmospheric and Oceanic Modelling (nowcast and forecast).
  • Models include customized versions of: WWIII, WRF, SWAN, DELFT, HYCOM
  • Global satellite database
  • Accurate and reliable results based on continous assessment of forecast models
  • Secure and private cloud based server offering high-resolution model results quickly

Site-Specific / Regional Environmental and Weather Data

We offer different data sets, both historical and predictive, in order to fully assess and monitor your site marine and climate hazards.

AtmosMarine offers:

  • Operational Oceanography
  • Extremes detailed Data
  • Real-time operability monitoring
  • Ocean Currents modeled and observed (in-situ) data
  • Tidal level modeled and observed (in-situ) data
  • Wave modeled and observed (in-situ) data
  • Wind modeled and observed (in-situ) data
  • Local bathymetry data
  • Satellite altimetry data
  • Satellite temperature data
  • Satellite Chlorophyll data – related to turbidity
  • Local storm and tsunami warnings



Wave / Wind Climate & Hindcasts

We have some of the most recognized wave specialists in our team. We offer the best solution in wave simulation by using several different open source and proprietary models for both offshore and nearshore sites.

AtmosMarine offers detailed information on:

  • Complete Wave Spectrum
  • Different Hmax calculation and comparison
  • Wind speed
  • Significant wave height
  • Wave direction
  • Mean wave period & frequency
  • Wave energy
  • Wind and wave power density assessment for renewable energy applications
Extreme Events

Extreme Events & Metocean Design Criteria

AtmosMarine provides data analysis to support design studies. Our methodology for meteo-oceanographic characterization follows the requirements established in RFP BZ-PD-0002 and ISO 19901-1:2003 guidelines as well as the best statistical methods available.

AtmosMarine offers:

  • Quickly delivered metocean design criteria reports
  • Long-term extreme values of winds, waves, currents and surge
  • Maximum individual wave height and air-gap estimation
  • All-year, monthly divided, omni and directional extreme analyses
  • Waiting-on-weather statistics
  • Regional analysis of extreme events
  • Customized extreme studies in offshore and coastal areas

Hydrodynamic & Morphodynamic Studies

AtmosMarine offers a complete study of morphodynamic variability of surf zone and beaches. Hydrodynamic process and the relative contributions of different mechanisms to sediment transport and morphologic change.

AtmosMarine offers

  • Beach topography
  • Beach mobility
  • Sediment analises
  • Response to environmental conditions
    Incidente wind waves
    Subharmonic and infragravity standing waves and edge waves
  • Net surf zone circulation and sand transport
  • Response to a coastal engineering
    Beach nourishment project
    Artificial surfing reef – correct design and positioning
    Submerged breakwater – correct design and positioning
    Shoreline erosion control
    Multifuncional coastal engineering
  • Contributions to lifeguard activity on the coastal zone
  • Beach management and planning
    International blue flag
    Beach hazards and safaty
    Beach surfability
  • Intensive beach monitoring planning
  • Coastal vulnerability analises to climate changes
  • Beach/dune recuperation
  • Building with nature
Search and rescue

Search and Rescue (SAR) Assistance

AtmosMarine has in its database more than the necessary information to delimit search areas for targets in the ocean.

Weather, Marine and Metocean conditions are taken in consideration in order to predict the trajectory your target is located at a certain time anywhere in the world.

AtmosMarine offers:

  • Trajectory information and forecast
  • Real-time local weather and metocean reports
  • Rescue planning
  • Updated data and models to make your search more accurate

Data Reutilization

We use not only large public databases in the world, but also data from previous research and projects that can be reutilized and merged to our database to provide the more complete and reliable solutions.

AtmosMarine offers:

  • Large database of meteorological and oceanographic data
  • Use past data to improve models, extremes calculations, design criteria
  • Find studies done in the past which can be useful in the present for a specific site
  • Environmental characterization
  • Do not waste time re-doing a study that was already done
Ocean towage operations

Vessel / Rig / Platform / Tow Routing

Our reports and data visualization solutions allow vessel operators and managers to monitor climate and metocean data along the route. We offer route optimization based on ocean or atmospheric hazards avoidance, currents that are moving in your same direction, vessel type, position and speed, time of arrival, fatigue of vessel and more. Routing planning is useful for saving money by reducing travel times and fuel utilization, improving trip safety, monitor vessel fatigue, possible reduction in carbon emissions.

AtmosMarine routing reports are very detailed as include as much information as the client requests, not limited to: 

  • Climatological information
  • Storm statistics
  • Current charts
  • En-route shelter areas
  • Severe conditions alerts

Satellite Data


ATM-PLAY is our web-based data visualization tool which provides a very easy and fast way to clients have access to a variety of different data sets related to their sites.

Check a few things that you can do with ATM-PLAY:

  • Check 10-day wave and weather forecast
  • High resolution maps with different layers to click including: bathymetry, winds, waves, currents, water temperature, Chlorophyll, HYCOM results, WW3 results, SWAN results, worldwide buoys data, extreme data
  • Graphs and tables showing wind, wave, tide, tropical storm and visibility conditions
  • Anytime, all the time protected access
  • All Reports sent
  • Hourly updates
  • Hazard alerts
  • Storms and rough seas forecasts

Who are we

Let us introduce ourselves

A few words about us

AtmosMarine is an innovative company which began operating independently in 2016 after a group of experienced scientists came together to start their own business. We are focused on providing advanced and fast solutions for weather monitoring and environmental characterization. Our team is specialized in different types of forecast which helps our clients with operational decision making. We provide professional weather and oceanographic services with higher quality and lower cost, since our whole team is only comprised of at least Master’s level employees. We use the latest available models and data visualization solutions to give the best results and experience to our clients.

Our mission


Our mission is to offer the most advanced and high quality Metocean products and services to give our clients the opportunity to predict, monitor and protect their resources, to perform more profitable operations and understand the natural issues they can be subjected to. We thrive on making sure we are helping our clients with the best available solutions for their work, making them more competitive.

We are scientists who are always looking to provide the latest and best data and models in the market.

Our most important values


We listen to each client needs and provide the most useful solutions and best expertise in our area.


We deliver high quality products and services which truly help our customers.

Always studing

We keep studying and improving our software, models, equipment and personnel.


We are committed to constantly updating and increasing our already substantial database.

Best price

We believe that customers deserve a quick and valuable solution for the lowest price possible.


We understand our responsibility to improve safety, elevate operational efficiency and decrease weather related risks.


We operate with ethics and with the main objective to help people understand the nature that surrounds them.

Meet the Team

M.Sc. Laura Azevedo

Laura Azevedo has a B.Sc. in Physical Oceanographic from the University of Maine, an M.Sc. in Geophysics from the University of Houston and has worked in the industry for more than 12 years. She ended up following the managerial path on different metocean consulting companies and concluded her MBA in Management at PUC-Rio in 2014. Laura is an entrepreneur and AtmosMarine encompasses her dream of making metocean data and forecast understandable and accessible to all.

M.Sc. Laura AzevedoManaging Director
M.Sc. Henrique Pereira

Henrique Pereira currently works with data quality control, mooring design & metocean buoy’s deployments, coastal monitoring and numerical simulation. Pereira is a researcher at the Oceanographic Modeling and Observation Network (REMO) working with data analysis and web development and he is also contributes for the National Buoy Program (PNBOIA) with data qualification. Henrique loves finding new solutions for oceanographic issues and is passionate about innovations on aquatic instrumentation. Mr. Pereira has graduated in Oceanography and has a Master in Science degree in Ocean Engineering with emphasis in Oceanographic Instrumentation and Metocean Data Analysis from COPPE / UFRJ.

M.Sc. Henrique PereiraPhysical Oceanographer
Dr. Douglas Nemes

Dr. Douglas Nemes has his background in  in physical oceanography and coastal engineering, specializing in beach morphodynamic, wave breaking process in shallow water and coastal development and engineering design. This allows him to effectively bridge multi-disciplinary gap between physical processes and building with nature. Dr. Nemes’s carrer is focused on the application of environmental science for sustainable development and the management of environmentally beneficial projects. He has extensive experience in oceanography instrumentation and in the surveying in the coastal areas in Brazil and overseas. The physical and numerical coastal models are the main tools to complete a multifunctional coastal engineering project. Dr. Nemes got his PhD in Ocean Engineering from UFRJ.

Dr. Douglas NemesCoastal Engineering
Dr. Ricardo M. Campos

Dr. Ricardo Campos has been studying and working in the fields of Ocean Engineering, Physical Oceanography and Meteorology for the last 12 years, more specifically with ocean wind-waves. Numerical modeling, wave hindcasting and operational forecasting, wave buoy data processing and statistical extreme analysis are part of his main duties – including several consultancies and metocean reports. Dr. Ricardo Campos has integrated research and operational centers as well as metocean teams in Brazil, Portugal, USA and the UK. He concluded in Dec/2014 a dual PhD in “Ocean Engineering” and “Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering” joining the state-of-the art in numerical wave modeling with a new spatial statistics technique to produce calibrated hindcasts and maps of accurate extreme values in the South Atlantic Ocean. Dr. Campos is currently working on a project with the University of Maryland and NCEP/NOAA to implement neural-network models for bias correction and non-linear ensemble averaging, to extend skillful operational wave forecasts at NCEP from 10 days into week 3.


Dr. Ricardo M. CamposMetocean Engineer

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